“Ms. Santana was on time for our appointment. She observed carefully and was attentive to our Dog’s behavior. She recommended and applied behavioral modification techniques that made a positive difference…We have committed to additional sessions since she impressed me as a real professional who is interested and knowledgeable.”

John & Bones the Rottweiler

“We can’t thank you enough for sharing with us your incredible knowledge, support, talents and enthusiasm!  It has been a wonderful experience for all of us, especially Stella and Serenity!  Your passion for your work and natural gift with animals really shines every day you are with them.”

– Sara, Garry & Stella and Serenity, Mixed Breeds

“Ella is still the best dog ever, everyone loves her and her training is still shining through. Thanks to you!”

– Sarah & Ella the Portuguese Water Dog

“I love your obedience classes. Although I am a terrible student [no homework done] & we have trouble following directions! and clearly are a dysfunctional couple [ha ha!] It is really good for me & my husband to get on the same page with Bengi. You are so good to put up with us!

– Karen & Bengi the Vizsla

“I was looking at Eli and thinking about what an amazing dog he has become..you had so much to do with that”

- Michele & Eli the Mix

“I was just thinking about how much I enjoyed class and can’t wait to get started again…Thank you so much for our first training experiences, and because of your kind support, Mouna and I hope to continue training.”

– Rose & Mouna the Havanese

“Had to tell you that there is a NOTICEABLE positive difference with Emma after those lesson with you”

 – Nancy & Emma the Corgi Mix

“And thanks again for all of the great training. When I think back to the first visit we had with you at our house, Huck’s progress really is astounding!”

– Stephanie & Huck the Terrier Mix

“Thanks for the pictures and for all your help in class.  You really run a well trained class.”

– Keith & Nala the Pit Bull

“Misha & I want to thank you again for your excellent puppy classes!  I truly believe Misha is a better behaved puppy now!”

– Julie & Misha the Golden Retriever

“And even more, thanks for being a great teacher, all of us, especially Rocky, learned a lot!”

– Jill & Rocky the Cocker Spaniel

“Holly is fantastic: She’s knowledgeable, prompt, friendly, easy to talk to and work with, and my dog loved her (and listened to her) instantly. On the first lesson, we went through a ton: sit, stay, down, come, off, drop it — and did a lot of work on getting Jake not to use his terrier teeth. She gave us homework and a leave-behind with a lot of info. The puppy time out practice will eventually teach him! Second lesson we went out on the leash and talked about best practices and learned more commands (go to your place, leave it, wait). I highly recommend!”

 – Stacy & Jake the Terrier Mix

“It’s been a true pleasure.  You are a great teacher – Bo is a great dog because the training you provided he and I!”

- Bill & Bo the Golden Retriever

“We thought you were superb at training and Mazel and we will DEFINITELY come back to you in the future.”

- Irene & Mazel the Standard Poodle

“Thanks again for everything, I think that Keetna learned so much over the past few weeks.  It was a fun class and a great way to learn.  We appreciate your guidance and help”

– Sarah & Keetna the Jack Russell

“Thanks so much for your time in helping us with Max.  We are very grateful!!”

- Autumn & Max the Mix

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