I base my training on positive reinforcement – so your dog wants to learn!

3-session package will include a behavioral consultation and assessment of your dog, basic commands, and an outside lesson.

All training sessions will be individualized according to you and your dog’s goals.

Basic behavioral problems can be covered, as well as training your dog to have manners and live well with you.

I am a big believer in instilling self-control, even in young dogs.  Commands such as sit, stay, and leave it are the cornerstone of building self-control in your dog.

Much of the dog training will be giving you homework, based on your dog’s individual needs, to repeat and practice the solutions we have gone through during the training session.

Having a new puppy is a confusing time.  What about all those questions you have on how to raise your new puppy?  My Puppy Consultation program begins with an hour-long assessment of your puppy and its problems.  Advice and guidelines on many issues including housetraining, walking, nipping and basic behavioral issues.

Is your dog not behaving his best?  I can working with you on many issues, including

  • dog-to-dog aggression (my specialty)
  • barking
  • counter-surfing
  • separation anxiety
  • living peacefully in a multi-animal household
  • fear behaviors and shyness
  • jumping
  • pulling on the leash and learning how to walk politely
  • chewing and mouthing
  • housetraining
  • digging
  • manners for the overexcitable dog
  • socialization and more

I offer group classes in

  • Elementary, for the basics
  • Intermediate, for obedience with distractions
  • Advanced/Canine Good Citizen
  • Puppy Playgroup – Socialization, for pups under 6 months old
  • Tricks and Clicker Training
  • Impulse Control, as an add on to obedience classes

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Would you like your dog to receive training, but don’t have the time?

Canine Kindergarten makes it easy for you by providing training for specific issues while your dog is in daycare or boarding, all tailored to your dog. Holly will work on your dog’s individual issues such as walking, basic commands, self-control and greetings while your dog is at Canine Kindergarten. Some examples of training we can provide:

  • Basic Commands: Great for a puppy or new adoption. Commands taught can include Sit, Down, Watch, Stay, Leave It, Drop, Come.
  • Walking Skills: Your dog will be walked around Canine Kindergarten and off premises to best train them to pay attention when exciting things are happening around them. Commands taught will include Easy, Watch, Heel and Wait. Special care will be given to teach the dog to focus on the handler.
  • Polite Greetings: Your dog will practice greetings over and over until they learn to greet politely with no jumping or undesirable attention-seeking behaviors.
  • Self Control: We will provide exciting situations for your dog to practice and grow self-control. Focus will be given to getting the dog to Settle in different situations. Commands taught will include Down, Stay, Settle, Watch, Touch.
  • Leash Reactivity: Does your dog act differently on the leash to other dogs than he does in daycare? Does your dog bark at people when walked on the street? Our trainer will practice leash walking around dogs and other people to work on remaining quiet and in-control around distractions on the leash.

All packages include a free initial phone or email consultation with Holly. Sessions are available Monday through Friday and repetition is suggested for best outcome. Optionally, a follow up session at your home can be scheduled at an additional cost to review the training and continue good habits at home. Play and Train services are only for dogs who are accepted into Canine Kindergarten’s daycare, and are available with Holly in the Yorktown or Mt. Kisco locations.

If you’ve ever dreamed of coming home to a well-trained dog, this service is for you.


About Holly


A professional full-time dog trainer with CPDT certification, I’ve been teaching private and group obedience training for a decade. I use the most up to date positive reinforcement training methods and am passionate about keeping current on new developments in the industry. I was trained at the Animal Behavior College and am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), the largest educational organization for trainers, as well as an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. My interest in dog training started in high school, when I started working with animal rescue groups. A failed attempt at obedience school with my Dalmatian, MacBeth, led me to realize that dogs respond better to positive reinforcement methods than harsh, old-fashioned techniques.  

My training is based on creating a respectful, loving relationship with your animal.  I also realize the time constraints of modern life and try to create a training program with realistic expectations of the owner’s lifestyle.

I now teach group classes at Canine Kindergarten, as well as private lessons to a variety of clients. I have spent much of my time observing dogs at various daycare facilities, and have a strong interest in pack dynamics.  I believe in a holistic approach where nutrition, exercise and physical well-being influence the dog’s behavior.  I am constantly reading journals and books on dog training and psychology.  My specialties include dog-to-dog aggression, barking and other behavioral problems. There are no limitations to the age, breed or size of dogs I work with.


Every day brings a new challenge in the world of dog training, and a few laughs as well. I’ve lived in the NYC area for over a decade, was born in Ohio, and have lived previously in Nashville & Connecticut.  I am an accomplished musician and pianist.  I now reside in Croton-on-Hudson in Westchester County with my husband, Caleb, Indiana, a hound/retriever mix, and Tessa the yellow lab.